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A little history about Medic…

The initial idea of Medic came about when my father, a surgeon in Barbados, made the decision to move away from paper records and convert all of his patient data to Electronic Medical Records. With few options available, we decided to create our own software. Medic was born.

From the very beginning Medic was designed by doctors for doctors. It was designed to be a simple and intuitive tool to store and manage patients records and run the day to day operations of a medical office.

Since the very first version, we have constantly updated the software to add new functionality and improve performance.

Feel free to download and install the demo version available on the site. Its a fully functioning system with no time limit. The only limit is than a maximum of 5 patients can be entered.

Our mission

Our mission is simple. We want to get as many doctors in the Caribbean and in other developing countries out of the ‘Dark Ages’ and into using Electronic Medical Records. Medic is truly designed for the small medical practice. Our clients are mostly private practices with one or two physicians, while our largest installation is a 24hr care facility with a staff of more than 50.

Unlike other medical record software available, Medic doesn’t have the almost endless suite of features that most physicians don’t need and don’t use (and drive up the price). What Medic has are simple, intuitive and streamlined modules that allow a practice to smoothly manage their patients through their visit. Take a look at our demo presentation and feel free to download and test a demo version of the software.

We know you will like it!

our team

Dr. Arthur Edghill CBE F.R.C.S. Ed.
Original Designer
Original User

Dean EdghillOwner/Developer

Dr. Brian Charles
Sandy Crest Medical Centre, Barbados.